Abbi cura di me
Gregorio Botta


Opening Thursday, March 23rd 2017, 6 pm

Until May 20th 2017

Gregorio Botta, Abbi cura di me, 2017, ferro, cera, videoproiezioni, 100x25x25 cm.jpg

After the prestigious solo shows at the Santiago de Chile MAC and at the Centre of Visual Arts Pescheria of Pesaro, Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea is proud to announce Gregorio Botta’s (Naples, 1953) new solo show .

Abbi cura di me (Take care of me) quotes and reverses the title of a famous installation by Sophie Calle: in this case instead it is the work, fragile and silent, that is in need of the viewer’s attention and care. Botta presents a group of works in which human action becomes, over time, an integral part of the work’s process and vital cycle: a sort of intimate ceremony of participation that allows it to keep existing.

The gallery will host a large environmental installation and some new works, that are related one another by the investigation of the pattern of the circle. Glass, iron, wax, water and fire – natural and raw materials, which are dear to the artist for being in a certain way ‘alive’ – will be used again as elements of a minimal vocabulary, that combines pictorial and sculptural values, aimed at the creation of a space of silence and contemplation.