Simone Cametti


curated by Claudio Libero Pisano
From February 18th to April 2nd 2016

Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present Greenit, the second solo show of Simone Cametti (Rome, 1982) in the gallery’s premises, curated by Claudio Libero Pisano.

The venue, completely transformed by a site specific intervention, will host a new series of large format photographs, videos and installations, the result of a study on landscape that keeps the physical intervention on space as its main focus. Just as in the past he has coated precious marbles with car paint or made a boardgame out of animal bones, the artist now manipulates a portion of landscape by forcing unavoidable seasonal limits. Photographs on display – which depict an autumn mountain landscape with a portion of bright green landscape in the foreground representing the finished work - are associated with videos that document the performative process. While the photographs show bright coloured sections of hills set in a dry context, the videos tell the intervention that saw Cametti physically paint the landscape for a whole day, using non toxic paint. In this way the artist shows his rejection of the possibilities offered by technology in the field of image manipulation.

Sculpture and installation are the pivotal focus of Cametti’s practice, alongside other media such as photography, audio and video. His work stems from the observation of different materials and their physical features: marble, steel, organic elements. He thus examines the colour, the mechanical properties, the brightness and the shape of each element with the specific purpose of disguising its original appearence until it is completely transformed. A subtle game that Cametti uses to showcase, in a silent and almost invisible way, untold stories, small fragments of everyday life preserving the memory of the object’s functional past.

Greenit fits in the aspect of the most recent research dedicated to the study of landscape, with a core of works that originate from the difference between the artist's physical intervention and the perception of the environment by the observer .