Guglielmo Castelli, Allison Hawkins, Peter Martensen


From Novembr 18th 2015 tu January 23rd 2016

Peter Martensen, The Dream, 2013, acquarello e matita su carta, 17,5 x 16,5 cm.jpg

Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea is glad to present Obscurities – Uncertainties. Disturbing narratives, a group show curated by Lorand Hegyi which includes works by Guglielmo Castelli, Allison Hawkins and Peter Martensen.


Obscurities – Uncertainties points out a certain kind of irresistible, vital and emotional attraction towards the obscure, irrational, strange and inexplicable in the poetical narratives of contemporary drawing. Selected artists take the role of a guide, revealing us the strange and disturbing realities of our inner territories, inhabited by drives that cannot be determined by conventional categories and logical systems.


This realm of the darkness, full of evocations and connotations, imaginaries and fears, vital uncertainties and amiguous happenings is part of the human complexity, of our anthropological reality, but it doesn’t show itself in every situation: it must be revealed, liberated, through the radical phantasy of the artist. This is the very duty of artists themselves: to reveal hidden realities, to intensify and radicalize the experience of the uncertaint and connect it with the context of our everyday life. Exactly through this radical and unexpected connection of the two realms the unlimited energies and potential perspectives of creativity are manifested.


To relate the different fields of human experiences and the various systems of their perception creates new perspectives of reading reality; it creates unprecedented models of combinations of different ways of thinking and transforming given realities. Through the artist’s intervention the obscurities and uncertainties become part of our sensibility and imaginary, taking their proper place in our orientation system, that they anyway have, but unconsciously. In the narration of these themes our human condition reveals itself, through the disturbing, irritating, shocking and evocative power of images.

The exhibition Obscurities - Uncertainties thus offers some personal visions about that realm of the “tremendous”, which is at the same time far and near, known and unknown, familiar and unfamiliar, but always with us, because it is in us.

The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with The Proposition, New York and Galerie Maria Lund, Paris.