with a text by Davide Ferri


may 21 2019, at 6 p.m.


Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present Iposcenio, the third exhibition of the artist Guglielmo Castelli (Turin, 1987) at the gallery.

Five years after Eparina solo show (2014), this project intends to pinpoint the most recent developments in the painter's research, presenting a body of new works, conceived and produced specifically for this occasion. These last canvases showcase a new, mature phase of his research, marked by the use of a brighter palette and a keen eye for detail and ornament, inspired by the study of the great European painting of the 20th century.

His way of handling the background is well aware and balanced: figures are placed within psychological spaces, crossed by forces and dynamics to which they can resist or instead surrender. In the works on display, Castelli questions the relationship between inner and outer space, bowels and environment, somehow overturning the precepts of Renaissance painting, with its strict geometric and rational system. In Iposcenio the reflection on the construction of space widens beyond the borders of the canvas, with an environmental installation that introduces the works on display in the central room of the gallery: the training in the scenographic field comes to light here, alongside his attitude towards the composition of spaces and the "mise en scène". For the first time the artist also presents the results of an experimentation on ceramic, in which the small sculptures replicate the fluid posture of the characters portrayed in the canvases. Castelli's painting thus leaks out from the surface of representation to magnify in space, multiplying narrative possibilities and projecting itself into a new field of research.


GUGLIELMO CASTELLI was born in Turin in 1987, where he lives and works. Goodmorning Bambino is his latest public solo show, held at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (October 2018), at the end of a 12-month residency project. In the the same year he exhibited in several group shows in Siena, Brussels, Berlin, Singapore, Paris and Rome, where he also took part in Q-Rated, a workshop of the Quadriennale. In 2017 he had a solo show at the Royal Hall of the Torino Porta Nuova Station, Asomatognosia.